Last week in WOSPAC, we welcomed three teams from the United States, with the aim of maximising their participation at the Donosti Cup which will be held this week in the Basque country.

All of them, under the technical direction of Narcis Sirvent, technical director of WOSPAC, carried out training sessions under the work methodology that integrates within the philosophy of the UE Cornellà and defines in the best way how the teams from Spanish football work.

The first day was the women’s team Herndon Zephyr U-17, coming from the U.S. State of Virginia, who conducted the training session at the facilities of the UE Cornellà .

The next day, U-16 and U-13 teams of the Pacific North West Soccer Club, from Seattle (Washington), were the ones who exercised under the orders of our technicians.

All the sessions were carried in a very intense level of work, that allowed the teams learn new tactical and theoretical concepts, that will help them to have a greater performance in the next Championship.

We are very happy to welcome both teams within our program WOSPAC Teams, and wish them the best of luck and great successes.

Check out some picturees of their stay at WOSPAC!

We hope to see you soon again!