The match belonging to the 17th round of the league of group 24 of the 2nd  Division, the Youth D of UE Cornellà won by 1 goal to 4 during his visit to the field of CF Can Vidalet, from the neighbourhood location of Espluges de Llobregat.The team managed by Marc Fortuny presented several members of SOCCER Stages in the team’s starting line-up: Blairi Schermer, in the goal; Harry Darwand, in defense; Symeon Nikolov in the midfield and Jason Alexis Alvarez and Dana Lindsey Hense formed the attack of the team.

In the second half also participated several members of the program like: Zac Del Favero, Makio Yamamoto, Joey Soeder and Miraash Imthiyaz.

Highlight of this match, was that the coach counted with several players from Youth E: Jason, Dana, author of the first visitors goal, and Joey performing all a great game; furthermore, Miraash, player from Cadet C of “Preferente” league, gave a brilliant performance showing details of his enormous quality.

With this victory, the Green squad is consolidated at the very top of the ranking, only 8 points away from the first classified.