On Thursday, 21st May, WOSPAC opened its doors to two new young footballing talents who are here to try the  SOCCER Stages experience for 1 week.

Gavin Euksuzian and Jack Mueller are the two players who have come to Barcelona from the United States to stay for a week with our guys from the annual programme. THe aim is for both players know, first hand, the work methodology that we have developed at WOSPAC and therefore will consider joining the comprehensive program next season. Gavin and Jack have been accompanied by their relatives to spend this week in the Catalan capital.

Euksuzian is a midfielder born in 2001, a second year “Infantil” who will alternate training with UE Cornellà’s Infantil A, part of Division de Honor and Infantil B, the current champion of the Liga Preferente. While Mueller, a midfielder like his compatriot, was born in the year 2000 and will train with the Cadet B, the team which is on the verge of becoming Liga Preferente champions and with the Cadet C.

On Thursday, May 28, both boys will finish up their intense week of morning technification sessions, preparation in the gym and evening sessions with teams of the UEC. We hope that they have made the most of the experience and certainly we want to see them again soon at WOSPAC.