The third day at the MIC began with great enthusiasm by our players. The youth teams, faced the first decisive game of the final round eager to win it to continue his run at the tournament, but luck was elusive in both cases.

On one hand the WOSPAC team, faced UD Vista Alegre from Castelldefels. In a very tight game, where the two teams showed very good manners and intentions with the ball, neither of them were able to score a goal, so this led to the penalty shootout, where a greater aim by UD Vista Alegre led them to the final victory. The team finished the tournament without conceding a goal.

On the other hand the team World Sport Academy, in another also very tight game where our team had more chances, finished losing 1-0 against Sant Ignasi-Sarrià, after from a free kick which condemned our guys not allowing them to continue advancing in the tournament.

Finally the U-14 team, in the consolation prize won 3-1 against Rush USA and continues in the competition. Despite the Elimination of both U-19 teams, we are very proud with the level of play shown by our teams.