The holidays are here and the boys of the SOCCER Stages program have been returning to their home countries in recent weeks to celebrate the holidays surrounded by family and friends.

After a difficult week with morning and afternoon workouts, plus the finals of the International School of Barcelona (ISB) (school where members WOSPAC study program), the boys have left the residence, to come home for Christmas.

An expected return and desired by all. Gone are the long conversations with siblings and friends on Whatsapp, video calls with parents and grandparents. It’s time for the reunion, to the laughter and tears of joy at airports in the United States, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Korea, Romania, China …

On the other hand, for the first time at Christmas, the residence of SOCCER Stages was not be empty, as Chinese players who make up the team of WOSPAC, didn’t traveled to China and spend the holidays in the city from Barcelona. Although they miss their family, kids of 12 and 13 years old will enjoy a holiday that saw light and color the Catalan capital.

Both for those who have come home for Christmas, and for those who do not, the whole WOSPAC team wishes you a happy holiday and hope that you have a happy entry of the New Year 2016, see you soon!