The UE Cornellà, with whom WOSPAC has a collaborating agreement for the formation of the Academy players is also one of the most important partners collaborating clubs of the FC Barcelona.Historically, the Green entity has had a most closely relationship with the RCD Espanyol, but since January of 2012, both clubs have been officially linked, which it has reported them important benefits mutually.

In fact, when technical and coordinators of the quarry of the Barça team, have to decide the casualties-the worst part of their job-, a great number of players who stop wearing the azulgrana, become part of the Cornellà Structure, that has priority over the rest of the clubs; either as a transferred, or property. From here on, it opens up a new future…

They will continue to learn and progress, because they have a group of couches and trainers at the level of the best. They will be overseen by a CE Joan Gamper. Of this group of players, some will return to the FC Barcelona, and others are incorporated into other clubs, or continue at the lower categories of the UE Cornellà, one of the best showcases to show all the potential.

One of these examples is that, looking to the next season, are closed already, 15 players from UE Cornellà to three major Clubs: 8 have been signed by the Barça team, and other 6 incorporated into RCD Espanyol. Besides, the infantil Paolo Ghisio (2001) will be playing for the Real Madrid. It will be one year ‘atypical’ in this sense for the club from the White House, since most likely there will be no more signings from Catalunya for the season 15-16.

  • Juan Fernández Santigo                    Striker                 1999           Cadete A
  • Javier Enrique Delgado Saverio         Winger                1999           Cadete A
  • Juan Manuel Santaella Càceres         Goalkeeper        2000           Cadete B
  • Aschalew Sanmartí Aguilar                Midfielder            2002           Infantil A/B
  • Iván Julián Jareño                              Left defender      2002           Infantil B
  • Leonardo Dos Reis Muniz                  Striker                 2003           Alevín A
  • Narcís Costa Hrytsuk                         Left defender      2004           Alevín B
  • Marc Salas Castillejo                         Midfielder            2005           Benjamín A

Despite not having links Club Collaborator, as is in the case with the Barca, basic conditions:

  1. The Azulgrana Club has priority, and if the Espanyol shows interest for some young talent, and Barca also wants it, there is nothing to do, except that the family, and/or player say otherwise.
  2. The second point, is the one concerning the time limits… Lardin and his work group have set, a maximum date, after which, theoretically, they may not incorporate any other player, But as is in everything, there are always exceptions.
  3. The third condition is that they might not sign more than one player by category-generation- meaning they must look even further.
  • Edgar Gonzàlez Estrada                    Defender          1997             Juvenil A
  • Guillem Corominas Martínez              Winger             2000             Cadete B
  • Marc Carmona Tormo                        Left defender    2001             Infantil A
  • Marcos Guerrero Correa                    Defender          2002             Infantil B
  • Alex Gómez De Gispert                     Midfielder          2003             Alevín A
  • Aarón Blanco Muñoz                          Striker              2007             Prebenjamín

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