Today is the turn to introduce you Makio Yamamoto, an American born player with Japanese roots, that prefers Soccer to FootballMakio, has 17 years and is in his second season in WOSPAC, where he arrived in search of a dream, playing soccer in Europe. 

His experience so far as he defines it, has been engaging and has been able to enjoy his favourite sport on daily basis, training with WOSPAC as well as UE Cornellà, where currently plays in the U-17 Team, playing as a central midfielder where he likes to mark the tempo and rhythm of the game. He has also had the opportunity to train with teams of higher level of the club.

Makio is currently playing at his best level, perfectly adapted to the style of the catalan football game and has become a key part for his team, that needs him to develop the style of play that triumphing here in Barcelona, keep the possession of the ball and space management, something that Makio, dominate to perfection. It is characterized for being a player who always is in the ideal place to build the game or recover the ball to build the counterattack and also stands out for being very complete on the technical side, having a good pass on short as well as great long delivers. His anticipation and tactical knowledge of the game make him a very intelligent player in the field that combined with his defensive aggressiveness, allows him to recover many balls in recovery phase.

Since his arrival, Makio’s work in these aspects has been remarkable, and has allowed him progress widely as a player quickly adapted to a new style of play and that has improved his tatical knowledge and when to applied it on the pitch.

Know more about Makio and which are the things that stand out from their stay in SOCCER Stages in the following video.