As we have been doing the last few weeks, today we introduce you another of the players who are part of the 10 months program SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC. The guy that we present today, is called Samir Musaev a powerful centre-back who can play as well as right-back that comes from Azerbaijan and is currently playing his second season at WOSPAC.

Samir is a tough and aggressive centre-back accompanied by a strong physique, which has a great speed in long Space, what helps him to amend possible errors of the defensive line or defending long balls behind the defense. Likewise, it is characterized by a great concentration throughout 90 minutes, being mentally very strong and able to command the defensive line with its speaking ability to keep structured the defensive team structure, also feels very comfortable in the dispute of air and divided balls. In the offensive phase, he likes to deliver long balls to the wingers and forwards.

Throughout this season, Samir, has gained much confidence in his game and his performances have been very good.

This season, Samir, has had the opportunity to be called up with the national team of Azerbaijan U-19, where he played some friendlies in the concentration that made his country in order to learn and take part in future calls.

The progression of Samir, from his arrival at WOSPAC, has been very good, fruit of this has come the call with his country’s national team, as well as the great performance that took in the last edition of the MIC, where he played as right-back playing at a high level.

If you want to know more about Samir and his experience in SOCCER Stagesdon’t miss your chance to see his video where you can see their best football tricks and their feelings.