With the completion of the season the players of the SOCCER Stages program put an end to a fantastic year in the WOSPAC residence and after the match and the farewell dinner, it was time to award diplomas and to list Delivery of diplomas.

After 10 months living together every day with all the technical staff, tutors and coaches of WOSPAC, some have wanted say goodbye in a special way by saying a few words in front of all their companions. Soccer Manager of WOSPAC, Didi Rodriguez and the Technical Director Narcís Sirvent presided the delivery of the diplomas.

All of the guys were very happy and satisfied with their experience, although only some chose to speak in front of all their companions. Joey Soeder was the first to open the parliaments and qualified his stay at WOSPAC as very exciting, and “memorable”. Edis, Samir and Habib also have encouraged a few words to their colleagues and friends. The words most often heard were: “I will miss you all, thank you.” 

We can only say thank you very much Adam, Adrian, Alfredo, Antonio, Bedzok, Blairi, Blaiz, Chen Han, Cleevan, Dana, Daniel, David, Donovan, Edis, Gary, Haochen, Harry, Kim, Miraash, Jaime, Jason, Jeongchun, Jiatao, joseph, Juan Pablo, Kane, Kenni, Makio, Marco, Martin, Matteo, Miquel, Nikita, Robert, Roman, Roy, Sam, Sacha, Saleh, Samir Aliev, Samir Musaev, Sebastian, Steven, Symeon, Artjoms, Yanick, Zac, Zhang Yue and Zinovyi. Thank you all!