The power of the warriors is the battle cry that has brought the Spanish female handball national team to the success in recent years being the European sub-champion and bronze medal in the last Olympic Games of London, 2012. Our dear warriors of CH Gavà, WOSPAC “linked” handball club, want to follow in their footsteps and become the future international stars.

For that, the sub-14 female team has qualified for the final round of the national sectors tournament, which is organized by the Royal Spanish Handball Federation. The tournament will kick off between the 27th and 29th of May. The location is not known yet. It will come up at the raffle, which takes place the next week. The tournament will be a good challenge for our girls in order to become the next elite players. These 17 players that formed the team are looking forward to begin this amazing challenge.

This is a new success of the CH Gavà and its wonderful work with the grassroots; for example, two of the players of this team were selected by the Catalonian handball national team to play the Spanish regional selections tournament that took place at the beginning of the year. The end of the season is coming and yet, this will not be the only success of the entity.

Join this amazing entity. Be part of the success of all of its teams. If your love is handball and want to come to Barcelona to improve your skills and game knowledge, do not hesitate and find out more about out programs here.

Good luck warriors!