Last Friday arrived in Barcelona a representation group from Bermuda Athletic Association (BAA) to spend a few days with us.

The group composed of players between 9 and 12 years old, will enjoy the program of SOCCER Teams for a week. During these days, they will complete technification trainings in the morning, trainings with some teams of UE Cornellà in the afternoons. They will also dispute several friendly matches against team from UE Cornellà, CE Hospitalet or PB Cervelló.

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to do a Tour in Camp Nou, attend live matches of FCBarcelona B or the first team of UE Cornellà. They will also have time to visit the most iconic sites of the city of Barcelona. Last Saturday were visiting the residence were the boys of SOCCER Stages live, and could observe by first-hand the magnificent facilities that WOSPAC offers.

We hope that they are enjoying this wonderful experience.