The week can not begin better than celebrating the promotion of our new soccer “linked” club, AE Prat, to the third best category in the Spanish soccer structure: Segunda División “B”.

WOSPAC counts with exceptional partners that are synonym of success and make us be the leader of the market in Barcelona. International players have the wonderful opportunity to daily train and play with them.

The AE Prat made worth his victory 3-1 in the first-leg match of the eliminatory for the promotion against Osasuna B. The team from Pamplona won the second-leg match 1-0 in their field. This result allowed AE Prat to celebrate its very awaited promotion. It was a very tough match, full of pressure and high tension, but with hard work, effort and fighting spirit all was easier.

Our club is so congratulated and from WOSPAC, we want to celebrate as well and date you to enjoy the success of this team. The next season is coming up and AE Prat is a great chance to show your level and improve your sporting skills in its soccer school.

Come to Barcelona by the hand of WOSPAC and who knows? You will have the opportunity to play in the second B Spanish division! Find out more information about WOSPAC STAGES program here and enjoy huge discounts. What are you waiting for?

Congratulations champions!