Only 3 months left for the start of the new season of the 10 months program of WOSPAC SOCCER Stages, and we are looking for guys like you who want to be part of one of the best soccer academies around the world, located in an ideal place, Barcelona and having the opportunity to train in the quarry of UE Cornellà the third best quarry of Catalonia behind FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.

By signing up in our program, you will be part of the best program to improve your soccer and also be educated in an international school and making friends from all over the world.

The daily basis in WOSPAC, consists in doing a morning training with the team of our Academy at the facilities of UE Cornellà, under a highly qualified technical staff, which will help you to improve all aspects of the game, technical, tactical and physical. The rest of the morning and early afternoon our residents attend to an international school, to be educated under the best academic teachings. When the boys return, they prepare for training in the afternoon with UE Cornellà, where the level of demand is very high and everyone has to give their best to compete at the highest level and to improve at an accelerated pace as a footballer.

In addition to training, in WOSPAC,  we also have programs of technification, where the physical aspects are worked, doing sessions of gym as well as resistance in places such as the beach of Barcelona.

If you don’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy one of the greatest experiences of your life, improving as a player and make many friends of different nationalities, WOSPAC is your site.

Do not hesitate, visit and JOIN US!